Descending Into Greatness, Part 1


True or False?


The other day someone asked me if I thought all the explosive church growth going on around America right now were a good thing.




Isn’t that a no-brainer?




No, it’s not.


He followed up his inquiry by asking whether or not I considered the unprecedented growth we’ve experienced at Southbrook to be a ‘good thing.’


Maybe and Yes were my answers. Yes for Southbrook because we essist to serve Christ’s purposes and not our own. Maybe for some of the others. I mean, it depends…


The fact is, not all church growth is a good thing.


Ex. 1 The Mormon Church is growing exponentially, but is their doctrine biblical? No.



Ex. 2 Islam is the fastest growing religion period, right now. Though they would call their places of worship Mosques rather than churches, the principle is the same. Does this make their ‘religion’ the right way? Is it merely a numbers game?


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Ex. 3 Under the banner of “Evangelical,” certain churches grow like gang-busters because they promise their followers health wealth and prosperity.


That doctrine in these churches is…


Can you guess?


Well, there might be some good in it, but the health, wealth and prosperity junk is false—sometimes it’s just laughable. But this is no laughing matter. False doctrine with a little bit of truth sprinkled on top may be worse than a flat out lie. It’s certainly more deceiving.


So, I would once again say the answer to whether or not explosive growth is good would have to be ‘maybe.’

Maybe it is, if the name of Jesus Christ is lifted up first and foremost and His purposes are served.


Maybe it isn’t if they are doing anything else.


Oh, one more thing…I won’t leave you hanging. Tomorrow I’ll show you some godly leaders who really do seem to get it.