Danger Will Robinson!


Remember this show?


Lost in Space.

It was, bar none, my favorite show growing up. It had already been on for a few years by the time I was old enough to track with it, and other shows like, ‘Star Trek’ were already beginning to take the luster off of my new discovery (kind of like ‘Heroes’ has done to ‘Lost’), but I didn’t care. I was a loyal fan then and I’m a loyal fan now.

So loyal, in fact, that it is 4:05 am right now and I can’t sleep because the Lord put ‘Lost in Space’ on my mind.

No, I’m not kidding.

He does stuff like this from time to time and I’ve learned its best to just get up and listen to what He has to say. Who knows, He might even have a word or two to say to some of you as well.

That being said, what was it? A particular episode?


Some useless trivia?

I thought so at first. I even used that line with God to try and buy myself some more precious sleep time, but He was having none of it.

Actually, it was one line that the Robot was often famous for saying. Not the title of today’s post (though that one came to mind even more prevalently after I realized what the Lord was really telling me). It was actually this precious little gem;

“That does not compute.”


“That’s it. Am I done, God? I told them. Can I go to bed now?”


“Ok, I’d better explain it to them.”

You see, something someone (no, I’m not telling you who. It’s not important) said a few days back (not to me) worked its way through the rumor mill until it was ground up, refined, and presented in all it’s glory. Probably a bit altered due to all the preservatives and steroids, (that’s what tends to happen with gossip) but all its glory nonetheless. You see, apparently an individual or two were complaining about the leadership dinner we are having later this evening.

Campaigns are stupid.

Let’s just trust God to take care of our needs. If He wants us to have a bigger building, He’ll just provide. <— I love that one. Tell that to Noah!

Aren’t we fine the way we are, at the size we are? Why is everything always about bigger, more, etc? We’re too into numbers.

On this last one, I snapped! Is it all about the numbers?

YES! Duh!

God is into numbers. Every number represents a real, live person who is far from God and on their way to a very real place called Hell! You can read about it here and here and here and atleast a hundred other places if you need to. God counts people because people count! But I have a better question for you…

Why are you trying so hard to convince yourself that God is not into numbers?

Could it be because you are not into people? Could it be that God has called you out and you are being disobedient?


Now, before the blog police start dissecting this post and trying to figure out WHO I am talking about, let me say this,


No names got to me, just ‘concerns.’ Isn’t that always the case anyway? Besides, I have been convicted lately about calling people out. That’s not important. Especially when its an attitude that hits all of us at one time or another.

Even me.

That’s right, even I have questioned building campaigns and so forth. It’s necessary for me to work through all of this with the Lord before I ever move forward with conviction in sharing it with you all. Don’t believe me? Watch this video I did on this very subject.

The important thing to know is that, after wrestling with God on these things I am more convinced than ever that building campaigns and bigger places, more children’s ministry capacity, larger youth facilities and anything else related to growth and God’s blessing are not only necessary, but vital. And they are a strong sign of God’s blessing and hand upon our church.

So, here’s the bottomline ( I need to move quickly now, the melatonin [careful, its over the counter, natural stuff] I disobediently took is beginning to kick in ), not only does the spirit of generosity begin tonight with the Leadership Desserts, but it will also continue throughout the life of this church. At least as long as I am the pastor.

As long as Jesus cared enough about the masses to lay down His life for them, we will too…

In fact, I want to do something to show you how serious I am about this stuff. Tonight’s leadership event is for the leaders (duh) however, if you are new (or have even been here a while but for whatever reason have not stepped up to God’s plate — or perhaps, used to lead but have entered a sort of early spiritual retirement) but know you want to help lead the way with us, why don’t you plan on coming out tonight as well?! We’d love to have you, and in God’s family there are never enough leaders. We can always use more. Just register here (and preferably more than 5 minutes before the event ) so that we can still plan on having enough desserts, and commit to praying for me (because the staff are reading this for the first time just like you, and they may put a hit out on me) and Southbrook as we reach out to seize the divine moment the Lord has put before us!

See you tonight!

Oh, need more proof on numbers? Read our own, Clayton King’s blog post on this very topic. It’s awesome!