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Hey gang, it’s no secret that I love reading other people’s blogs and hearing about what the Lord is doing all across this globe. But I have sort of acted like it was a bit of a secret by not sharing these with you all. So…

I’m going to include updates on these deals once a month or so. I won’t always have time to go into the specific focus of each, (today is one such time), but then again, if it gets you curious enough to check them out then it served its purpose!

Now, one other very important caveat before we get to the links. Just because I post these links does not mean I absolutely, wholeheartedly, unequivocally agree with everything they say on every single post.<— Some of you need to read that again, and for a few of you a third time wouldn’t hurt.

For example, I just read today’s post on one of the sites listed below (no, I won’t tell you which one) and I couldn’t disagree more with what the author wrote. However, I like what they write most of the time so…I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water (I personally don’t advocate throwing babies around for any reason — bad idea)!


We wouldn’t want a good thing like this to turn into another Southbrook Urban Legend now would we?

With no further adieu, Link Low-down:










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* These last three are really good!