Contemporary vs. Relevant, Part 2


NewoldWhich is more important?

That line should have given you a hint right there!

Seriously, one of those words is interchangeable with important. The other is not.

Ok, I’ll give it to you, because I’ve got to run and this needs to be a short post.

Relevant is far and away more important. Contemporary simply means “new or up to date.” Last time I checked a lot of new stuff wasn’t really all that relevant or important. For instance, the newest batch of young brat celebs in Hollywood seem to be most notable for their lack of meaning of any kind! Seriously, what exactly is the point of Paris Hilton?

Does anyone really think Brittney can sing?

They’re new (actually, they’re aren’t even that anymore!), but they certainly are not relevant.

In fact, a lot of times what’s new is just the old stuff repackaged!

Want to really make your brain overheat?

A lot of old stuff repackaged can be very relevant as well as contemporary! Relevance can go both ways.

Young or old.

New or ancient.

Contemporary can’t.

Relevance is vital in ministry so…

Make sure your new stuff is actually relevant, and make sure your traditions are still working as well.