Confessions of a Hebrews Junkie


It’s 4:30 am right now and yes, you guessed it—I can’t sleep. But don’t cry for me, Argentina—or Charlotte—or Weddington—or wherever you are. It’s a good thing!


You see, this weekend we wrapped up a little mini series at Southbrook Church—a series on generosity. I loved studying the heart of God on this whole subject of giving. We serve a generous God and the fact is, if we want to be like Him, then there will be no place for selfishness in our lives—period. God is a generous, giving God—end of discussion—except for this.


John 3:16, For God so loved the world (that’s you and me) that He GAVE (emphasis added) His only begotten Son.


So we needed to remind ourselves of this if we want to stay on track for God.


However, that being said, can I confess something to you?


I miss Hebrews!


There, I said it. I feel better now. They say that just admitting it is the first step toward healing.


The second step is to get back to the book! So, at exactly 4:29 a.m. I snuck out of bed (no easy deal when your wife is acutely awake and has been all night because of a kidney stone that doesn’t know when it’s over stayed its welcome) and turned to Hebrews chapter 4 to begin unpacking all that God has for us this coming weekend at Southbrook Weddington and Southbrook Monroe.


Can I tell you something?


I wasn’t disappointed. Chapter 4 is seriously off the hook! Don’t miss it this weekend or you will experience hideous Hebrews withdraws.


You’ve been warned!


Confessions of a Hebrews Junkie