Confess or Acknowledge? Part 2


Can you believe I’m writing on this?

Can you believe you’re reading it?

It’s sad but true, Christians today are opting out of confessing their sins right and left. It just isn’t the postmodern thing to do I guess.

And what is?

Well, we can’t simply sweep the crap we do to each other under the carpet. It would still stink to high heaven. But who wants to go through the humiliation of confessing those sins to God. Or worse, to each other!? Just as this verse commands us to do.

No way, better to simply acknowledge our shortcomings in some sort of general way that could never be decoded or (God forbid) traced back to us and pin-pointed to a specific sin!

Why, that would be mortifying!

So, thanks but no thanks. It’s ‘acknowledgment’ over confession every time.

And should someone somehow in some way manage to connect the dots…well…

I’m outta here.

It’s off to another church for me!

I’ll begrudgingly ‘acknowledge’ to God that I’m less than perfect (that should be good enough for Him — He’s God, he can figure out specifics if he needs to) and then it’s off to, 1rst Church of the Fresh Start.

I’ve heard great things about that place and have been meaning to put it on my rotation.

No time like the present.

The confessors are getting too close for comfort!

No worries.

I’m gone!