Concerns…Part 2


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I was beginning to get a little concerned.

I’m better now, so we can move forward with our discussion of “concerns.”

Seems to me there are 2 types of “concerns” out there. The first kind arises out of a repeated observance of red flags—things such as, lateness, laziness, sloppiness, disunity, blame-shifting, manipulation and any number of other sins the Lord tells us are destructive not only to ourselves, but also to others. These are legitimate “concerns” because the behavior exhibited (if allowed to go on unchecked) threatens to only do more damage.

Those kinds of “concerns” are no-brainers really. If you see this type in a brother or sister’s sinful and destructive behavior, you owe it to them (as a true friend) to point it out and help them see the truth.

But there’s another kind of “concern” as well. I call it the “knee-jerk concern.” A knee jerk reaction is one that almost involuntarily happens. It occurs before you know it. It’s automatic—habititual.

And it’s a “concern.”

Truth is, some people thrive on drama. Like a shark—who must keep moving our he’ll die—a “concern conasuir,” must keep stirring up “concerns,” or they will feel like a fish out of water.

And here’s the problem. Concerns that really aren’t lead to division that really is. And the world looks on and sees the church fighting about nothing and nothing is exactly what those far from God want to do with a church like that.

You know what I’ve discovered? A lot of things that concern us are really just “differences.” And the body of Christ is nothing if not diverse. I’m glad at Southbrook we downplay differences and maximize unity and ministry.

If we were any other way, I’d be “concerned.”