Christmas Addictions



The other day my son was after me to go outside and throw the football with him.

It was 38 degrees! I thought it might be a better time to break in the new Wii Santa brought this Christmas.

So break it in we did. I’d been told it was a bit addicting.

“What?” I said. “That’s ridiculous! It’s a video game!”

Now I need help! And you know what’s the most ridiculously addicting part (there’s that word again)? It’s not trying to get pro status on bowling (got it ), or tennis (got it ) or any of the games for that matter.

It’s the part where you create your own Mii to represent you!

How messed up is that?!

You can actually create your own hair color, eye color and shape, skin tone, eyebrows, mouth (notice I have a smirk), facial hair—even a five o’clock shadow (which I also have)! It’s scarey, right down to the mole next to my eye! Anyway, here are the Miis for my wife, son and daughter while we’re at it. They look so much like’m it’s scarey!

Wanna see?

Here’s Mii (Me)








This one was debatable, but what can you do? She wanted to look just like her mom…

and she does.