Change of Plans


RoadTrip_v2I think I’ll head on over to Southbrook Monroe this weekend. Not to just sit and soak—those guys don’t believe in that over there. No, I want to preach to the gang over there LIVE.

I realized that I won’t have many opportunities like this, so, I thought, why not?

Why not, indeed?

The more I thought about this crazy idea, the more I liked it. So now, it’s official. I will be giving the message live over at Southbrook Monroe this coming weekend—Don’t worry, our “Heroes” series will keep right on going full steam ahead. I made sure to get that covered.

So what do you all think? I sure would like to make a party out of it. Anyone care to join me?

Seriously, I hope a lot of you will head on over to Benten Heights Elementary School for the 10:00 celebration service and a chance to fellowship with the Southbrook family in Monroe.

In fact, why don’t we see if we can get at least 10 families who don’t usually go to the Monroe location to head out there with me this weekend. If you think you and your family will be able to join us, leave a comment below so we can count you in!

Hope to see you there!


Tonight the voting ends for the “My Church Band Rocks” contest. Make sure you keep Return’s song, “Pour” om the lead by clicking the link below and voting!

Hey guys.  I thought this contest was over months ago, but I just received this email from Peri.  “Pour” made the top three for the “My church band Rocks”  contest.  I was wondering if you could get the word out for people to vote at the link below.  

Click the following link —>

Thank you.  Dan