Champions of the Week!


My hats off to the worship and programming team for helping us all see the love and impact of “Good Friday!” It was so clearly and beautifully presented—Jesus in all His love and sacrifice for you and me.

I can’t think of a better way to prepare the heart for the celebration of Easter and our risen Lord than something like that!

Thanks to all of you!

See you tomorrow!

Here are but a few of the comments already coming in about last night’s service:

Kate Mccarthy Gaskill

WOW! Tonight’s service was so moving and unbelievable. I cried just about the whole time. This is my first Good Friday and Easter as a true Christian. I feel like it is my first Easter ever! Thank you for tonight Pastor Rob! AMAZING!!

Jim Emily Now, on a eternally serious note:

I don’t have any adequate words to express how moving the SB community worship was tonight. What an amazing God we serve and how blessed my family is to have a biblically focused pastor such as you and the rest of the SB staff.

Mike S:

I can’t put into words how amazing and impactful last night was, we are so blessed to belong to such an amazing church with such a caring staff. GOD BLESS YOU ALL


So, knowing this—are you all inviting like crazy? Today is your last opportunity for an Easter service that will be amazing for our King!!

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