Champions of the Week


Breakfast with Santa.


I could hardly believe what I heard about this event. As Southbrook keeps getting more and more known throughout the community literally hundreds are coming to these events and many of them follow through and end up at Southbrook Church. Some events draw more than others, but this thing was off the hook!

Thanks to all the volunteers in our “Kid’s Cove” Children’s ministry that pulled this thing off.

You all hit a home run! There were well over 500 there and still everything went as smooth as can be! Our children’s ministry is by far the best it’s ever been as nearly 200 kids have given their lives to Christ this year through their various outreaches—from VBS (at both the central campus and the Monroe campus) to weekly big events—this has been a banner year for the children.

And let me tell you why that gets me so pumped.

Because over 80 percent of those who come to faith in Jesus Christ do so before the age of 18! We need to tell them (and show them) the love of Christ NOW! Not when they finish college. For many, that’s too late. You’ve heard the saying, “The children are our future?” Well I dissagree. The children are our NOW, and we need to do whatever it takes to reach them NOW.

Thanks to our leaders and volunteers for building into our kids!

Also, it’s not to late to gather up the family and head on out to, “A Walk through Bethlehem.” This is a hands-on Holy Land Experience for the entire family to enjoy together. Hurry and get in the car! It begins at 6:30 TONIGHT in “The Cove” (otherwise known as the “former main worship building” at our main campus).

More pictures. Enjoy!