Champions of the week!


It’s been a long time since we’ve honored these folks, huh?


That’s not for any lack of champions, it’s just slipped my ADD mind.


Anyway, I was in the worship center tonight alone (before the Saturday evening service) and I went over to read the names on the CD’s.



CIMG1873 CIMG1874


That can really get you choked up.


Some are filled with names. Some have just one or two.


The ones that grabbed me the most were the ones with parents names or the name of a son or daughter. Once again, there were several that read simply, ‘Dad,’ or ‘Dad and Mom.’


It’s especially motivating to me to pray and do all I can to get people to Southbrook when I read things like that.


Thanks to all the champions who are taking up the challenge and paving the way for that great day!


These are real people!


Co-workers, neighbors, family and friends.


I hope you’ll pray with me for the over 650 people and that you’ll do whatever it takes to get them to Southbrook Church next weekend when Clayton King joins us to share the love of Christ.


I can hardly wait!