Champions of the week


The ‘Freaks of the Week’ (and that’s a GOOD thing) have to be all the selfless, fired up, visionary, trail blazers who stepped forward this weekend to take the Southbrook Monroe banner!


Well over 100 people (most of them [88] this past weekend, and many more over the last several weeks and months) have already stepped up to the plate (as well as our worship leader and multi-site director) soon they’ll form small groups and take key volunteer roles for the launch of our third Southbrook venue–Southbrook Monroe!


I know it’s not the 200 I was predicting (hoping for), but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. A lot of people were out this past weekend on vacation, and we still have more than 2 months before we launch, so I’m still praying for many more of you to get bittin by the multi-site bug.


It’s not fatal you know.


It’s actually good for you!


Still, you literalists will be taking up stones to do me in as a false prophet before I know it.


At least let me explain…


It seems my (Prophet) retirement papers were lost in transit. So, might I suggest a little G&M (Grace and Mercy) and that you (if you live near by and consider SCC your church home) pray about what role God might have for you @ Southbrook Monroe?


Whatever it is, it will be worth it because God is going to do great things in Monroe. It doesn’t take a prophet to know that’s true.


Once again, thank you for putting others first. I predict this will be one of the greatest experiences of your lives!


Oops, after my 1 for 2 prediction track record, you’d think I’d learn how to avert a premature death by stoning.


Oh well, I’ll just have to go 2 for 3.


Then I’ll retire.