Champion(s) of the Week!


One thing is for sure—no one person could ever pull off a Sunday experience like what we witnessed this past weekend.

Well, actually there is one—Jesus. And He made it one of the greatest days in our history! But He used people to make it happen and now I would like to give a shout out to some of those folks.

Thank You!

  • To all the teachers and helpers with the kids and babies!
  • Everyone wearing a bright yellow/green 1rst Impression team shirt!
  • The entire Praise and Worship team!
  • Everyone involved in production!
  • The sound team!
  • Set up people
  • Tear down people
  • Police officers
  • Home group leaders and helpers
  • Folks managing the book table and stickers and so forth!
  • And anyone and everyone this ADHDEFG pastor forgot!
  • My little dog, Strider (who apparently got mentioned on the radio this morning!)

You all did awesome. But a special thanks has to go out to my wife who puts up with my highly embellished stories and just goes with the flow. She’s perfect!

Before you feel too sorry for her, however, check out what she wrote on her blog about it. It’s hilarious! You can find it here.

The biggest thank you of them all goes to our awesome God!

Here’s some more pictures (with more to come). Enjoy.


Thank you Jesus for giving your life in our place. Thank you for conquering death so that we too might live.

I love you!





Lighter shot