Champions of the Week!


Easter preahingI had an old friend say they might be visiting Southbrook for Easter and they were pretty familiar with Charlotte, but had no idea where we were. They thought we were out in the boonies!

Should I be offended?


Fact is, we are out in the boonies and that’s what makes the story of what God is doing out here in the thriving metropolis of Wesley Chapel (population 3814 — That’s less then the amount of people who call Southbrook Church home!) so amazing. Seriously, from my house to the church is almost nothing but farmland. That might just cause one to ask what in the world we were thinking planting a church out here.

Well, growth was heading this way pretty strong up until a year or so ago. Now it seems every 5th house or so in every neighborhood is for sale or in foreclosure.

People have been leaving as this area has been hit worse than most of the rest of the country.

But you wouldn’t know it by observing what God is doing at Southbrook Church.

We’re growing! This week we start a third service in our brand new building (8:30 am)—which seats 4x what our old building sat—because we are already (after 6 months) at 80 percent capacity at the 9:00 and 11:00. The new times will be, 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30.

Hope you get this memo!

Over at our Monroe Campus they have set 4 attendance records in the last 8 weeks!

God is up to something big at SCC!

Speaking of big—now on to the reason for this blog.

I’ve been writing more and more of these (‘Champion of the Week,’ posts) lately because we seem to have more and more people stepping up than ever before! That’s good news!

As I told you yesterday, we had more than 100 people bend the knee to Jesus as Lord and Savior and we also had almost 500 more people for Easter than last year! We are busting out!

And wasn’t the intro (Bitter Sweet Rhapsody) to our Easter service the most amazing, off the hook thing you’ve ever seen at a church?!!

I’ve been to some of the biggest church conferences at some of the most well known churches and can honestly say I have never been blown away like that.

Hat’s off to Mike Cruser, Melissa Dudley, Josh and Tosh Via, Lauren, Marty…I better stop. I’m sure to leave people out so let me just say a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone involved in production and worship at Southbrook Church! You all raised the bar this Easter.

Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

You all are our, “Champions of the Week!”