Champion(s) of the Month!


What do the following have in common?

  1. Our Good Friday service
  2. Our “Night or Worship” services
  3. Weekend worship experiences
  4. Music on the Green (at Providence Promenade all summer long!!!) *
  5. Wednesday Mid-Week Fix
  6. Southbrook Monroe *
  7. Southbrook Fort Mill *

Unbelievably incredible, off the hook WORSHIP!

Seriously gang, I follow a lot of ministries and large churches, music, the worship scene, etc. and I have YET TO SEE more genuine, sincere worship as well as SHEER TALENT as there is at SCC! Come on now, do you all realize how much God has blessed us?!

So this month’s (sorry, I’ve been slack on this) champions of the week are the musicians and singers that make up Southbrook’s worship ministry.

You all ROCK!

Want proof?

Check out this link for a little Good Friday teaser and this one from inside the tent with a thousand of our closest firends enjoying worship at 27 degrees (fortunately the heaters made it about 60 inside the tent)!And enjoy these pictures from the same (and a few other) event(s).





















* upcoming events