Champion of the year!


Less than two weeks ago Kate Doiron lost her husband as he slipped away in the early hours of the morning to go home with Jesus. Adam was only 29 years old. Kate has been an example of godliness and strength for countless people at Southbrook and beyond as they watch her continue to serve the Lord with all her heart despite the great pain and hurt she still feels.

Friends have told me that even though Kate is back home in Pennsylvania with family for a time of healing and renewal, she keeps up faithfully with her Southbrook small group and happenings at the church through this blog. I now know this to be the case because she posted the following comment after reading several posts of mine regarding the need to stretch our faith and give sacrificially toward the new building so that we can accommodate all the unchurched that God keeps bringing our way. What’s amazing is that Kate has jumped right back in the fray for Jesus despite her own suffering and challenges. I’m sure Adam is smiling as he watches from heaven above. I’m positive the Lord is!

Here’s what she said;

 Some thoughts from my Bible reading today seemed relevant to the whole building topic.

The first verse that struck me was in 1 Chronicles 29:17, “I know, my God, that you examine our hearts and rejoice when you find integrity there. You know I have done all this with good motives, and I have watched your people offer their gifts willingly and joyously.” (NLT) This prayer of David from the building of the Temple can speak to us. I feel like it is a thought our pastors may have (sorry, Pastor, if I’m out of line). Our leaders have such good motives- to glorify God and bring more people into relationships with him…the best motives!! How awesome it has been to see people giving sacrificially in the past, and have God change their lives because of it (who can forget the Kovach’s story?) And I believe we will see more of that with continued prayer for the building and satellite churches.

Second thought was from the devotion that went with my reading in 2 Chronicles. It talked about how church buildings can be a testament to how great our God is, how worthy he is, and they can cry out to how great our God is. Well, I never want the building to cry out for us! And as the old song goes, “the church is not a building, the church is a people”! So, my question is, what are you doing to be the church now? Are you helping park in the crowded parking lot now? Do you offer your skills and abilities in the overwhelmed Children’s ministry at least once a month now? Are you stepping up to lead a virtual series small group now? We (desperately) need a bigger building to serve God better as Southbrook continues to reach out to people, but WE (Southbrook) need to also stay focused on serving where God has us now so we can keep reaching out. So as we all think of ways we can give more and inspire others with the vision for the new

Kate knows what’s important. She and Adam were only months away from leaving the comforts of America to minister to those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior in Germany — a country that is now only 1% evangelical Christian!

How is it that someone can stay so focused while going through something that would surely embitter and crush so many ordinary people?

Only this…

Kate understands that this life is not all there is. It’s just a dress rehearsal for all of eternity.

So she’s living her life for an audience of one.

Jesus Christ.

Let that inspire the rest of us as we continue seeking what God would have each of us do to help the vision God has given us for reaching a community, a city, a state, a country and the world…a REALITY!