Champion of the week!


This week’s freak of the week (that’s a good thing) goes out to the entire “Encounter Team” at Southbrook Church. I wish I had pictures to put with this post (get on it, Jay.   ) but they would be limited as we try to make the entire experience a bit of a surprise. But here’s the deal. This one 28 hour period of people’s lives is consistently coming back as one of the most life changing times in people’s entire lives!

Do you realize how HUGE that is?

Entire life?

Bigger than Nascar?


Bigger than the Superbowl of 03 when your favorite team was in it and you got tickets like manna from heaven?

yep, yep.

Bigger than the day you walked down the aisle with the woman of…


But it’s big! Some people have said it was the greatest weekend of their life, not one of them, but THE greatest. Actually, many have said that.

So this shout out goes to the many men and women who work tirelessly before, during and after to make these things what they are.

Can I atleast get a group shot of the leaders, Jay?

I ask for so little. 

Now I’m off to Disney.

Don’t bug me.

Ok, you can bug me a little via the blog.

But just a little.

I will miss you too.


P.S. If you are part of this amazing ride, tell us how you found out about Southbrook Church and post it as a comment after my previous blog. Just click here, and post your answer. I will share the results in a couple weeks. We need at least a hundred families to respond to get any real data.