CEO or Union Worker?

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Each of us have been shaped uniquely to impact this world for Christ. But sometimes we cloud things up by choosing to respond to God as either a CEO or a union member.


Let me explain.


When God’s Spirit works among His people to move them to do great things for Him there are several different responses. Two of these pretty much dictate that the movement will sputter out before it ever gets very far. Let’s avoid these traps.


For example, can you imagine what a disaster Jesus “foot-washing- lesson would have been if the disciples would have responded wither way?


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Peter:  “Ok, you six on Jesus left take your sandals off and get ready. You six others on Jesus right, well, you three get some water basins. You three!” Peter points to the final three remaining disciples, “Get a few towels. Remember, there are just enough for everyone to have one foot-washing. No more, no less. If you go over, it’s going to hurt the team.”


“And Hurry up! The other guys already have their sandals off and they’re waiting! Yes, I am doing this too. I will be on the washing team first. Then we’ll all switch.”


Everyone is worried about fairness and team work and the proper amount of foot washing, etc. But just about everyone would miss the heart of the lesson.


It’s about serving others from the heart.


Just because.


Executive-talentWhat about the CEO approach?


Well, again, let’s pick on Peter since I’m preaching on him this weekend and I have plenty of material.




“Jesus, I think this is a great leadership lesson. Let’s let James and John go first because they are the two senior V.P.’s and they’ve earned the right to go first. After me of course. As CEO I need to make sure they all remain in their proper place.


I think we can learn to do this efficient enough to perhaps launch a foot-washing enterprise to go with our Fish and Chips business. Let’s give it a whirl and then we’ll meet afterwards to evaluate the results.”


Ridiculous? Sure, a little. But that’s because it was so extreme, but that doesn’t mean we all don’t have these tendencies at times.


We do.


And when we receive the lessons Jesus wants us to internalize anywhere other than in our hearts. We are probably going to miss it altogether.


Just some thoughts.