Can you feel the G-Force?!


You caught me! I’m supposed to be relaxing but I could not stay away. I need to talk to my peeps!

Vision month is almost upon us. Beginning the second weekend in January we’ll start a brand new series called “G-Force!” In our time together we’ll celebrate where God has taken us and the lives He’s changed throughout 06′ as well as looking ahead to some unbelievably exciting things He’s showing us for 07′!

You won’t want to miss this time together — not a single weekend, because we will be covering so much ground and moving at such a high rate of speed, the G-Force alone will be more fun than riding Carowind’s ‘Top Gun’ at an empty theme park 20 times in a row!

And what makes up God’s G-Force? The five things God desires for every church and every Christian to be pursuing. They are the five purposes Jesus spent His earthly time living for and explaining. They are the 5 single most fulfilling things any individual could build their life around. And, they are the 5 reasons Southbrook exists as a church.

WAIT! Some of you think you know what they are and are already mentally checking out. I can’t let that happen–poor, misinformed souls! Knowing them is one thing (and not much of a thing to be blunt) but LIVING THEM, well now, that’s a whole different deal altogether.

Come find out more throughout the month of January if you want to be a major part of the G-Force God uses to completely transform Charlotte and beyond!