Can You Feel It?


CIMG3073We are getting close! Can you feel it?!

I felt it this weekend! I usually try not to preach on the weekends we have our four hour membership classes. This time the planets misaligned and they hit at the same time (actually, they almost always do). And then I got sick on top of that so I finally experienced the Monday crash that pastors have talked about forever. Today it seemed like all I could do was sit and stare at the wall.


I couldn’t even blog today because I couldn’t string together two coherent sentences!

The dark cloud has passed now and I am ready to go. But I have a new appreciation for Manic Mondays. Not the song, just the day. I also have a heightened appreciation for the new worship center and going back to three services from the seven we have right now. It may not be a long reprieve, but I’ll take it. And then, I fully expect to be right back in this seven service situation again in no time. It’s a good thing.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the progress. Believe it or not we’ll be in this thing in 3 weeks! Two weeks after that will be our grand opening.

Be praying about who you are going to invite!

CIMG3068 CIMG3070

CIMG3072 CIMG3079