Calling all MMWY!


Don’t forget, after the Wednesday evening service will be the second gathering of all those who wish to be mighty men (or women, or young people)for God! And I can’t wait to share what’s next on my heart for us at SCC! It will stretch ya, but then again, that’s what you signed up for, right? Just being a part of a church like SCC is going to stretch you. People who don’t understand might lob criticism, and Satan surely does not like what we are doing for the kingdom! But remember, what He hates, God loves!

On that note, I thought I’d continue with my post from a ‘Kindred Spirit’…part II

Sure, I’ve been accused of entertaining people–I always say I would much rather entertain you than bore you!!! Jesus didn’t mind creating experiences, and His church shouldn’t either.

We know GOD is in charge and that HE is ultimately responsible for all that is happening, but we also understand that God works THROUGH people, and that He is honored when people plan, pray, work and then sit back and watch Him make up the difference.

We are serious about making His name famous, and that just can’t happen when church is boring. (I believe a boring church is a sin!!!) SO, we are going to always do all we can to make sure that when you attend church on Saturday and Sunday that it is one of the BEST hours of your week!!!

Seriously, I believe people should look more forward to church that they do 24, Lost, or American Idol. WOW! there’s something, those shows actually put hard work and effort into their programming, and it shows! Hmmm, maybe if the church was as serious as Hollywood in reaching people, we would be reaching people.

Hollywood has discovered something that the church runs from–that it takes work to create an experience that people will remember.

After reading that, let me say this–DON’T MISS ONE SINGLE SATURDAY or SUNDAY IN DECEMBER!!! Our team has put together some stuff that we know God is going to use to impact thousands of lives. We care about Jesus and we care about His church, and we will always do our best to make sure your hour on Saturday or Sunday is not wasted but meaningful!!!

See you @ the Brook!