Buzz Word # 3



Seeker (buzzz), or I guess this is really 2 buzz words with the term, ‘Seeker Sensitive’ (buzzz).

This may be the one that gets me the most riled up of any of them — at least it will feel that way until I begin writing about the next one and the one after that!

But the reason this term gets me juices going is because it reflects the very heart of God and I find it mind numbing that any true believer would be offended by the thought of actually caring what a lost, unchurched, dechurched, confused, hurting agnostic, or whatever (basically, ‘far from God’ sums it up the best) person is thinking as they try to figure out life. I mean, weren’t we called to reach exactly these types of people?

If you think I’m just setting forth my own agenda on this one then I encourage you to pause for a few seconds and go and read this, and this before returning to finish this post.


Oh, and you should know this, if you are thinking that I just searched high and low and found 2 scriptures and ripped them out of context, understand that i could offer at least 100 other scriptures that say the same thing. No, there’s no getting around it. Jesus loves lost people and we should too.

Besides, what’s the alternative to being seeker sensitive (buzzz)?

Seeker hostile?

Just a thought.