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God’s New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t work. Is anyone really shocked by that statement? I mean, we all know this to be true, right?


Then why do so many of us anti up on January 1 each year for another round of disappointments?

Because we don’t want to be failures. We want to make it. We want to accomplish a worthy task. But the fact is, simply ‘pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps’ will never work. The key word in that recipe for disaster is, “yourself.” But recommitting your life can be different. It’s all in what and who you recommit it to.

Here’s the ticket…

Recommitting our lives to Christ.

At Southbrook this year, nearly as many have been reactivated for Christ as have come to Jesus for salvation. Let me put that in perspective for you. That’s nearly 500 who have come to Jesus and asked for a fresh start. They’re already saved, but for whatever reason they have been drifting in their spiritual walk and the Holy Spirit has successfully called them out of their early spiritual retirement.

Unlike Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and so many other pro-athletes who try to make comebacks when they should have let well enough alone, the Lord loves comebacks.

I mean, He rose again. That’s the ultimate comeback if you ask me!

So, get off the bench and anti up again.

But this time, do it with the Lord’s help and not on your own.