But will they link back?


Ok amnesty buddies. Let’s beat technorati at their increasingly exclussive game.

Every blog showing here was linked on my blogroll, but only a few got picked up by technorati thus giving anyone credit beyond a blogroll showing. I believe our friend, jon swift had a great idea but would be gravely dissappointed to learn that so many got nothing out of it.

So what can you do? Simply do what I did a couple days ago at this post. Check it out and then come back to read my devious plan .

elevator music here…


Good. All you have to do now is cut and paste any list of bloggers (their blog url) you blogrolled on blogroll amnesty day into a post and then ‘post it.’ If you are concerned about your readers seeing a list or ‘off subject’ posting, do what I did. Go to your admin page and have it post from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM or something (not too many readers then, huh?) and set your regular post to go at 5:00 AM or so, and…


You’ve not only helped smaller blogs get readers, you’ve also helped raise their authority—and raise it ALOT if many of us do this. ANyway, just a thought to make a good idea even better. I’ve already done this as I said. Here’s a reminder of who all I linked to. Some of them have already taken me up on this idea:

confessions of the preacher’s wife
rob’s rants
craig groshel
av club
garth gilpin
kiko’s house
the moderate voice
three sticks
physio prof
the midpoint
welcomt to pottersville
i miss fafblog
reno discontent
peace arena
fran i am
fitness for the occasion
electric cerebectomy
drink liberal
drifting through the grift
done with mirrors
dave away from home
dandelion salad
comrade kevin
freida bee
publius endures
never yet melted
skippy the bush kangeroo
brilliant at breakfast
zippidy doo da
terry face place
group news blog
targas tirade
suburban guerrilla
Fausta’s blog
the democratic daily
i cant believe its not a democracy
grace magazine
the impolitic
the king pin
pacific views
618 rants
over the cliff, onto the rocks
jon swift
rox populi
on my mind
the galloping beaver
a poetic justice
zen comix
the news hoggers
never yet melted
my view of it
mr roger’s neighborhood
mental detritus
marginal utility
maha blog
a blog around the clock
matt and dee langley
lance mannion
culture vulture
smart pastor
abandoned stuff
the art of peace
saying nothing charmingly
nathan ketsdever
jeff kapusta
no fish no nuts
the painted veil
philly bits
pidomon posts
myrtle june
polite company
rubber hose
shadow of a hedgemon
sir robin rides away
the garlic
the grand panjandrum
zaius nation
the inscription
the largest minority
the seminal
the spitting vessel
vagabond scholar
chuck for
reno and its discontent
american street
the crone speaks
christian views
science blogs
the barefoot bum
writes like she talks


Now, for me, only one question remains…

Will they link back?


Thanks Jon for keeping it real!