Busting at the seams with New Converts!



What an awesome weekend at Southbrook Church! We’ll save the best for last.

First of all, we we’re busting at the seams this weekend with tons and tons of people and crowd control got a little but challenging!

Who’s responsible for this!

I said, who’s responsible for this?!

Oh, ah, I guess the challenging part would be me.  I went a tad long. But the crowds were all courtesy of God. When Jesus shows up, it attracts a crowd!

Alright, I may have sugarcoated my role in the ‘talk your ear off’ category…

Ok, ok, so I may have set new records for long windedness, but it was worth it I tell you!

48 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ and came forward to receive their Bibles and write their names in history! The place was electric!

You know, sometimes being a pastor can be challenging, but guess what? Weekends like this make you forget all about that stuff.

God is so good!


Here’s some pictures, enjoy!