Brookies, Don’t Forget!


Hey Gang!

Remember, this weekend we are giving away those cool, car decals you see all around town—only now we have 4 to choose from!

If you want one installed on your vehicle this weekend (while you’re inside enjoying the worship service) just place one of the sticky notes (supplied by one of our volunteers in the parking areas) on your windshield in the general area where you would like the decal installed and the rest will be up to us.

Make sure that you put the appropriate number for the decal you want on the sticky note so that we can be sure you get the right one.

The choices are numbered as follows:

* Please keep in mind that these are die-cut decals and not just “stickers.” The black background you see here represents a tinted windshield only and is used so you could clearly see what they look like before you make a choice.