Black is White, Up is down, and Falwell was ?


I’m stunned.And I feel a bit stupid for falling for the same routine again. I’ve felt like this for 2 days.I still felt that way this morning. And I looked in the mirror and saw that little had changed.I looked the same—> Sucker

Why do I keep believing that mankind will surprise me and do and say the right things? Maybe even act noble for once even if they don’t get it for the most part?Because I’m a sucker for Jesus. I admit it. I want to cheer for the downtrodden and confused, help the lost and lonely as they search for meaning and truth in all the wrong places. Because it’s so worth it when one of them finds Jesus and comes home to all God created him to be.But I end up more often than not, feeling like a sucker.I felt that way again after reading people’s venomous reactions to the passing of a great and godly man.I’m of course talking about Jerry Falwell.He may have been in your face about things. He may have talked about a lot of the things most people simply wanted to ignore. He may have been a bit old fashioned even for his day, but he was also, for the most part, something else.

He was right.Think about it… In a day where you can’t even talk about what toothpaste you prefer without being called prejudice. And in a time when we feel enormous pressure to be “ok with” anyone and everyone who might be a bit different because, “they’re just expressing themselves.” Jerry Falwell could be counted on to call a spade a spade. He was never one to look at the naked emperor in the parade (sorry, no offence intended to all those who feel they were born to parade around nude with only a crown on their heads to represent their support for the NMPMP association — (Naked Men Posing as Monarchs in Parades) and pretend the guy was anything other than a perverted freak trying to draw attention to his sick ideologies.He saw where our culture was headed (and has now ended up) and he did his best to try and defend the family, decency, good morals, Christianity and belief in God — all things our great country was founded on and the pillars by which it still stands — however shakily.

Luckily, in the real story of the “Emperor and his Clothes,” the little boy who “tells it like it is” gets the truth out before the ACLU or Al Sharpton got to him and had him imprisoned on trumped up charges of faulty home schooling.

Jerry Falwell wasn’t perfect. None of us are. And he might have had too much faith and emphasis on there actually being a moral majority. Personally I believe that people need Jesus, not better legislation. Only Christ can truly change a person. Jerry knew that too but you can’t blame a guy for trying.So, a couple of days after the passing of the reverend Jerry Falwell people on both sides are showing a lot of emotion–from the anger of those who want to see society go to the dogs (literally — as in that will probably be the next type of marriage we try to legalize) to the ones who still naively believe that man is basically good and we will one day mature ourselves right into heaven, I’ve seen it all. Who knows where all the feelings and emotion will end up?But there is one emotion taking place right now that I am absolutely sure of.Jerry Falwell is experiencing the unimaginable joy of being in heaven with the Savior he spent his entire life serving.

So spew all you want.

He can’t hear you. The celebration is too loud.

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