Be Our Guest! Be our Guest!


Be our guestCan you believe it? There’s no Saturday service this weekend.

What will we do with ourselves?!

The Saturday evening service has become such a part of our lives over at the Singleton home that we had to recreate an artificial weekend out of Fridays and half of Saturday just to maintain some semblance of normalcy. On the one hand it will be nice for a season to have more time together as a family. But, on the other, at the rate the Lord has brought people to His church, the Saturday reprieve might be short indeed.

So, I decided to have one last Saturday hurray for all those who volunteer and serve at Southbrook in any capacity whatsoever.

I would like you all to “Be Our Guest” this Saturday evening at 7:00 in the brand new building for a special preview before we open up to the public the following morning. Things are going to get pretty wild and exciting pretty fast around Southbrook and I want to make sure we are all prepared to greet those the Lord will bring in a way that shows them the love of Jesus.

So will you let me share my heart with you for just a bit this Saturday? We’ll be encouraged together, praying together that God will bless His new worship center and dedicate it to Him and reaching those who are far from Him. I’ll even throw in desert if that helps. Oh, and a tour of the building and offices as well.

BTW, come if you are a volunteer, bring a friend who volunteers and join us even if you’re brand new and would like to volunteer at Southbrook Church.

You won’t be disappointed.

To see the final posting of pre-opeing pictures (of the new building) click here.