Australia vs. England


Part 3

So, you thought I had to be referring to ‘Christians’ didn’t you?

And you now know that’s wrong.

So, have you figured it out?

Did sleeping on it do the trick?

This series really isn’t about Christians – anymore than it’s really about Australia or England.

It’s more about rivalries.

The greatest rivalry of all time.

Good verses evil.

Even though it’s not an even match (God whips Satan every time), it is the epic battle of the ages. And, if we’re honest, it often appears that evil is winning.

It’s not.

Those are just skirmishes. Battles at the very most.

The war, however, has already been determined.

Jesus wins, and His people will reap the benefits of being on the winning team.

But those aren’t always the Christians.

But they are always the “Christ Followers.”

And there’s a difference. A huge difference. A ginormous (it’s a word now, baby! No, seriously, it’s a word for real) difference.

Christians don’t always follow Christ. They don’t always care what Jesus is up to in the world.

Christians are not always Christ followers.

But Christ Followers are always the real Christians.

They do the real good in this world. They care the most. They are servants of the most high God. They put others first. They love their God with everything they’ve got.

They take the blame too.

They are the scapegoats for all the crap ‘Christians’ do.

Become a Christ Follower and life will be tough. You may endure ridicule, be ostracized, beaten, imprisoned, or even…



So, who will be the first to sign up?

Oh, I should probably mention one more thing.

You’ll spend all of eternity with your Creator in heaven with joy and happiness so great the human imagination cannot even comprehend it.

Just some thoughts.


Oh, Australia verses England?

I just thought it was interesting that the ‘prison colony’ has more “Christ Followers” per capita today than the Mother ship.

A lot of those prisoners and cast offs realized they were nothing without God and opted to embrace Him and lean on Him and depend upon Him instead of themselves.

They realized He is God and they are not.

Many other countries in Europe where Christianity was strongest have long since abandoned their God in favor of worshiping themselves.

It’s been a long, fast ride down a slippery slope ever since.

Will we ever learn from history?

In case you’re interested in avoiding this trap you can read about how it can ensnare you, here.

But don’t imagine you can beat it without God.

People have been trying since the beginning of time and no one’s done it yet.

And the price for failure is everlasting.