Australia vs. England Part 2


Rivalries can be fun, huh?

Remember your high school rivalries?

For me it was Dulaney verses Towson or Loch Raven. Everyone paints their faces, or cheers for their team, or decorates their vehicle or something.

After high school it’s college.

After college it might be a professional team.

Everything is supposed to be in good clean fun.

But what if the rivalry was a matter of life or death?

What if your philosophy were so threatening to leadership or the political powers that be–that it was against the law to even practice? And the mere association of you and said (banned) position or group could land you in some serious hot water?

Has this ever happened?

Yes, in fact, there is one group that has done more good, brought more positive change, saved more lives, given more hope, revealed more truth, and restored more families than any other in the history of the world, yet, today, just as at many other times in history, it’s risky to associate with said group.

If you are a true, bold, sold out member of this family, you gain a lot, but you also gamble a lot.

The short term risks are through the roof, but the long term gains completely blow those risks away.

See this verse for a hint as to what I am talking about.

This group has helped usher small time leaders into power only to be banned once the new Napoleon is in place.

This group has lifted nations to “Empire Status” several times only to be forbidden before a handful of generations go by.

When it is on track…

It has brought the equality that communism can only dream of.

It has lifted the poor from oppression better than a million “Live Earth” or “Live Aid” or “Band Aid” (or whatever other concert gimmick) concert promo ever could.

It has come into devastated areas like Indonesia after the tsunami or New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and provided 90 percent of the real help that gave people hope again and got entire communities back on their feet.

In return, it’s people (members) have been imprisoned, beaten, and even killed…

Just mankind’s special little way of saying, thanks.

If you become a part of this group (depending upon where you live in this world) you can expect to be ostracized, ridiculed, beaten, taken from you family, imprisoned and, yes, even killed.

Want to sign up?

Think you know who they are?

If you said, “Christians” you’re wrong.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal the truth.