Australia vs. England Part 1


Let the games begin!

Ok, I better get serious here REAL FAST, because I’ve learned that the rivalry between Mother England and (daughter?) Australia is VERY REAL.

I’m not even going to touch that in this 2 part series. No, I’m after chasing down an entirely different rabbit trail, so bear with me please.

Well…maybe I’ll just touch it one quick second.

 We (my son, Nathan and I) had 2 other coaches in the YMCA soccer deal this year – one was from England and the other from Australia. Obviously there were a lot more coaches than that, but I found it humorous listening to these guys rag on each other.

They are actually friends, but almost every jab had something to do with the country of origin of the other coach.

Mike: Hey Dave? Could you kick our ball back over here if you get the chance between tea time and taking over some small, helpless nation?

Dave: No problem. Take 2, I know you Aussies usually have to steal these things anyway.

Mike: I appreciate it, Mate, but the one will do. We’ve recovered nicely since the island prison days. Thanks anyway!

What was that last part?

Oh yeah, Australia is technically a part of England – kind of like Puerto Rica being a part of the US. They are but not really.

Australia began as a country from the prisoners and supposed “dredge” of society being shipped there from England. It as sort of a giant prison colony.

 Only not all were prisoners. Some were simply religious people who did not see eye to eye with the official church of England. Others owed taxes they could not afford to pay and some were full blown criminals. The idea was to get them as far away as possible in order to keep England pure.

So, here we are in 2007.

How did the experiment go?

We’ll examine that as well as some of the biblical insights, in tomorrow’s post.

See ya then.