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Feeble Fatherhood (MIA)

What’s a father today? Depending on the community it seems to range from sperm donor to loving, devoted mentor. On the one hand, many young men who live in gang infested communities have almost lost all hope of being raised in a loving two parent, traditional family. In east Los Angeles, for example, nearly as many boys are growing up with gang members serving in the role of father as there are boys who grow up with biological fathers. When this is the case you’re left with boys who grow to men in appearance only. In almost every other way they are more like little boys­even into their 40’s and 50’s!

This total loss of connection with fathers and even the idea of fatherhood has led to other sad developments in our nation. A few years ago I remember reading about–on a Christian radio program a (totally serious and even passionate) appeal to “adopt an embryo.” Are frozen embryos people? I believe they are. That, to me is not even an argument, however, what a sad state of affairs and a true indictment of our culture today that so many feel they can donate sperm and even fertilized eggs for money and then walk away as though they just left a tip for the waiter at a restaurant!

Feeble fatherhood today is quickly becoming the norm with the help of Hollywood and the liberal media. How so you wonder? Just take a look at how the average male is portrayed on TV today. You would have to search high and low for a very long time to find a father who is not either a bumbling, slapstick idiot, an irresponsible, skirt chasing Neanderthal, or worst of all, acting more like the mother than the father. From the best offerings (and most of those have long since gone off the air or, at the very least, slipped into the no man’s land of syndicated reruns) like “Home Improvement” (which features the male chauvinistic, clueless, tool time Neanderthal, Ted?), to womanizing, skirt chasing head lifeguard on the completely [talent free] ridiculous show, Bay Watch, to the crude, stupid, demeaning, Al Bundy from, “Married With Children.”

And, today’s shows are even worse!

We need to talk about this.

Dads, are you listening?

Good. I’ve got something to say to you that God has put on my heart.

Stay tuned and get ready to take your medicine. Hopefully we’ll see some healing in the weeks ahead.