And So It Begins! God is SO GOOD!!


Friends, no one has to attend more than one time at Southbrook Church before discovering the fact that WE ARE FULL TO THE BRIM!! God has been good to us! I wanted to share with you all how much greater than our own dreams or even thoughts the Lord has been already in 07′

The very first weekend was a record in attendance (most new people being unchurched or dechurched)! But here’s what’s more cool even than that. One might expect higher numbers after such a huge Christmas outreach, but the very next weekend in January our new record was broken once again! Then the next weekend AGAIN. Ready for this? You probably guessed already. You all are sharp. YES, this past weekend was another record attendance.

Why do I share this? Not to brag on the music, message, myself, or anything else (the greatest miracle I see is that God uses someone as flawed as me to get ANYTHING done), but rather, to give all the praise and glory to God for bringing about what He promised if we are faithful!


As many of you know, we need those who God has blessed financially as well as those with the gift of giving, to meet with me this coming week in room 18 to discuss together how we can ‘jump start’ the building of our new worship center. You’ve heard me say time and time again that if the tithes and offerings remain at the levels they are we will not need to do a capital campaign at all! But the one catch is the UPFRONT costs to get the thing going.

What you all don’t know is that the SCC leadership team and I got the challenging news 7 days ago that we were a little over $100,000 short to even go one step further. It seemed like an insurmountable obstacle for us, but NOTHING for God. So, we prayed about what to do and ALL felt God telling us to go forward and trust Him each step of the way (He is a light to our feet).

Well, hold onto your britches! THIS past weekend, after the LAST service (isn’t that just like our faith building God to wait until the last minute?) a gentlemen and his wife came to me in tears. They talked about how much of a difference Southbrook Church has made in their lives and wanted to write a check for (you guessed it) $100,000!

Get ready for more miracles people. This is just the beginning!