An Amazing Weekend!


CIMG2261I’ll bet you thought I was going to talk about what happened at Southbrook Church this weekend. I would, if I knew. Fact is, I wasn’t there. Clayton King was up to bat this weekend and I’m absolutely positive it was amazing, but that’s just because I know Clayton and every time he speaks it’s amazing, anointed, astonishing, astounding and any other “off the hook” phrase you can think of.


But the amazing thing about this weekend has been happening at this time every year for 7 years. I’m talking about the 7th annual, “Southbrook Kids Beach Trip!” This year I went on week 2 (they have to have 2 weeks to accommadate all the kids!) as a chaperone with my son, Nathan. He’s the only one in the picture who refused to cross his arms and look like he had attitude! He didn’t want to look “angry.” I tried to tell him that, “as the only hold out, he ended up looking like he had more ‘attitude’ than anyone! He’s 10, what can you do?

Let me tell you what I liked best about the entire trip.


Was it the 24/7 sugar rush we all experienced from a complete diet of junk food for 36 hours?


No, I ‘m still coming down from that.


Maybe it was the “guy time?”


Well, that was very cool. I loved hanging with the Hinkle boys! But there was something even better.


Perhaps the mini NASCAR, go-carts?


Definitely cool, but not the best.


Krispy Creme Donuts?


Close, but no.


Being at the beach?


Please, we did the ‘Polar Bear’ deal and I felt like a naked polar bear! It was flat out glacial!


No. No. No. The whole trip was great and there were too many moments to mention them all, but for me the best thing was something that happened over and over again but never got old.


For me the best thing was to see my son work his way over to me and give me a hug in front of his friends, over and over again, no matter where we were or who was looking.


I’m still his best friend (although he constantly reminds me that I ‘m really second and Jesus is number one — I’ll take that any day of the week!). I keep waiting for this to wear off, but our relationship just keeps getting better and better.


I cherish these days.


I love my family!


When I got home my daughter, Juliana was almost tripping over herself to give me hugs and kisses and tell me all about her weekend as well. And my wife patiently waited for her turn at the top of the stairs with a big smile on her face.


She missed me.


I missed her too.


Aren’t families great?


I missed my Southbrook family too! I love the Southbrook family and truly believe I pastor the best church anywhere on the planet. We are relevant but not arrogant. We always elevate God but minimize ourselves. We see great things happen but don’t brag on ourselves — we brag on our great God and what He can do and is doing through fallible, imperfect people. We serve without expecting anything in return.


He’s increasing.


We’re decreasing.


And we’re loving it more and more with each and every rung down the ladder!


Anyway, here are some pictures from my weekend. Can’t wait to hear about yours!

CIMG2255 CIMG2252

CIMG2243 CIMG2236

CIMG2228 CIMG2233

CIMG2217 CIMG2207

CIMG2206 CIMG2219 CIMG2220

CIMG2198 CIMG2203