An Amazing Night


Wow! What an incredible night we had tonight at Southbrook’s Saturday evening service! I have to admit, I went into tonight with a heightened sense of fear and trepidation as I knew that I had to be obedient to God’s leading to issue a challenge to the people of Southbrook. It wasn’t the challenge itself that was the problem – the people of SCC are used to taking things up a notch when the Lord asks them to. No, it was the way I felt like God was asking me to have people respond to the challenge that had me a bit concerned.

You see, I am not much of an ‘alter call’ guy. Nothing wrong with them I guess (especially if your name is, Billy Graham) it’s just that they were so overused for so many years, that for a lot of people they lost their meaning (How many people do we all know who walked and isle or prayed a prayer growing up only to have absolutely nothing to do with God later on in life?). Why don’t they ‘stick?’

Well, all that was going through my mind because I felt like God was asking me to challenge people to ‘step out’ for Him. And this time it needed to be different. As SCC continues to grow, we need men and women and young people who are completely and radically sold out for Christ to step forward and be counted. Tonight I asked for that and tonight the people of SCC have begun to respond. More than 30 people stood with me at the front of the stage, ready to risk it all for Christ and His mission through Southbrook Church. I can hardly wait for tomorrow when 90 percent of the church will be there to hear the same challenge.

Like I said, what an amazing night!