American Idol (A.I.) Kids – Part 1


American IdolBefore we know it, another season of American Idol will be upon us. It will begin as always with a tour of several major cities and a first hand look (and hear) of some of the most talented singers/musicians around. It will also come complete with a mind numbing glimpse into the lives of some of the most talentless, disturbing and deluded people on the planet—from kids to 28 year old adults who really ought to know better.

All of this seems to build a pretty solid case against the clamor to bolster our kid’s self esteem at all costs. Seems to me self esteem may be a bit over rated.

Whenever you watch a typical audition night of American Idol it comes complete with at least a dozen or so kids who really, really believe they have talent.

Even the ones who are frighteningly awful.

And when the 3 panelists bust out laughing because no amount of self control could ever stop them given some of the audacious and horrific displays they have to endure—the contestants often seem genuinely shocked. They seem absolutely flabbergasted that the judges do not see the immense talent that mommy and daddy assured them was there.

Sometimes it’s even sad to witness the tears and heartache that come from having a Gatorade-sized bucket of reality dumped on the most hideous of crooners. But then again, someone has to be honest with them.

It’s just a shame it couldn’t have come from the parents charged with raising them.