Adding a road


Yesterday’s post was entitled, “Two Roads.” The problem is, there are three!

Ok, so I’m talking about a different highway system here in some ways, but in others, it all comes back to the same thing. Yesterday’s roads were called GRACE and PRIDE and you can read about them here.

But I would be remiss if I did not add a third.

Ok, we have the right road, GRACE. And we have the wrong road, PRIDE. But did you know there’s actually a fork in the road of pride? So there are two roads there—equally traveled. They are,

  1. Doing Good
  2. Doing Bad

We already dealt with the fallacy of doing enough good to get God’s blessing. Again, reread yesterday’s post if you need a refresher on this. For today I want to explain that oft taken left hand turn off the fork in the road of pride. It’s still “technically” the pride road you are on, but definitely a different form of it.

We tend to think of our lives as a choice between the two roads of, ‘doing good,’ or ‘doing bad.’ But God definitely wants us on that third road of grace and as long as we are living as though there are only the two choices, we run the very real risk of missing the third and only real choice.


Here’s where the confusion comes in (as though it hasn’t entered this post already!). First, some allow pride to take them on the turn down the road of just, “doing bad” or evil in life. They figure God isn’t a factor anyway, so they might as well do their own thing and whatever is best for them even if it hurts others. This road is the most obvious road away from our heavenly Father. But the desire to do good is definitely more deceitful. You see, the desire to do good isn’t bad (obviously), therefore, we have an easy time justifying the use of this road every day of our lives. The rub isn’t the desire to do good, the rub comes in the taking the wrong road to fulfill that desire.

Doing good in our own strength will never get us there. It’s a pseudo road that seems to make sense, but, at the end of a lifetime of travel it everyone sees that it was nothing but a deadend.

This road has many names, but the highway system goes by one namereligion. Religion is the system of doing good that most of us use to help us stay on course. A deadend course, albeit, but on course nonetheless. I think the incredible philosophers, “The Talking Heads” said it best in their song, “We’re on the Road to Nowhere.”

On the otherhand, the road of GRACE teaches us that we do not deserve to be forgiven and loved by the God of the universe, but because of His grace, love and mercy—we are! When you really grab hold of this it will revolutionize your life. Now you will find yourself doing good out of love for your savior and a new found confidence that He loves you completely.

And that beats following religion every time.

I dare you to check it out.

The road less traveled.