Accountability — Continued…


Ok, it’s late, but I’m going to get this in under the wire. I would have posted this earlier, but my little boy and girl were holding me accountable (buzz) to family time.

Everyone is asleep now except for me, the midnight blogger.

So, I mentioned a better way.

Here it is.


Let’s have some fun with it. Maybe you can figure it out with these clues.

The wrong way was practiced often and unsuccessfully by the Pharisees in Jesus’ days here on earth.

The right way was practiced by Mother Teresa all of her adult life.

The wrong way is practiced by denominations (officially) about once or twice each year.

The right way is being lived out by pastors in groups of 2 to 10 or even 15 on an almost daily basis.

The wrong way often looks cleaner and more structured.

The right way can appear ‘off the cuff’ or even haphazard.

The wrong way eventually pushes people away.

The right way embraces those same people.

The wrong way always involves ‘lists,’ and ‘appearances.’

The right way usually does not.

The wrong way is practiced by those who claim to have it all together like these folks, and these folks.

The right way always involves humility like these folks.

The wrong way definitely ‘looks better’ to the critics and religious folks.

The right way may not even get noticed by these same people.

Are you seeing a pattern?


Come on, it’s right there!

Tell you what, I’ll let you sleep on it. Maybe when you’re fresh in the morning after your 4:00 am quiet time you’ll see it. As for me, I’m going to bed.