Ablaze for God!


There is an old book by this same title, “Ablaze for God,” that every believer should read. You can click here to get it form Amazon.

It talks about how an individual can have the best theological training, an uncanny knack for knowing doctrine inside and out, be an evangelical pied piper and still have absolutely no anointing in their ministry.

“How can that be?”

Simple. They would be like a car without gasoline, a toy without batteries or a solar powered calculator with no solar panels.

No energy—no real power.

So, they may look the part or talk a good game but the truth is, they are only smoke and mirrors.

So, knowing this, you might want to make sure you fuel up. But before you do that, make sure there is even a gas tank on board. That’s installed when we receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and manager of our lives. But after that, we need to draw close to the Lord daily in order to fuel up.

Then, there’s still one more thing to become “Ablaze for God.”

A Molotov Cocktail.

Yes, a Molotov Cocktail (sp? I don’t know if that’s how you spell it. Aren’t you glad?).

1.     Got the car (you’re alive)

2.     Gas tank installed (you’re born again)

3.     Fuel in the tank (filled with the Holy Spirit)

4.     Gas ignited (You’re ablaze for God!)

* Warning – skip any of these and the whole thing breaks down.