Aaaaggghhh!!! Tell Me It’s NOT True!


I’m afraid it is. Despite every effort to the contrary, I just heard someone make the following statement, Since we are having services in the morning and services in the evening on Christmas Eve, I’m probably just going to go to one or the other.

Here’s the good news. It was a relatively new and young grasshopper that made this statement. Bad news? They’ve been here long enough to hear that Christmas Eve is ALWAYS the biggest day of the year for bringing the unchurched out of hiding. And THIS year, Christmas Eve lands on the SAME DAY as regular church services.

So, at the risk of repeating this to the point of nausea, we are hoping and praying that the families of Southbrook will bring themselves, their friends, their families and whoever else they find wandering around to BOTH the morning and the evening. They are entirely different services except for one thing, THE GOSPEL WILL BE PRESENTED IN A CLEAR, RELEVANT WAY AT BOTH!!

Please read the following as it pertains to dangers and scary stuff:

Warnings about going to BOTH events;

1. You run the risk of spending 2 hours with God in one day (can you feel the sarcasm?).
2. You might find yourself face to face with the real reason for Christmas.
3. It will be one less hour spent searching for Nintendo’s Wii game system (which is hopelessly sold out but pretty cool. I played it at my dad’s who got it WEEKS AGO. Snooze ya lose!).
4. You may not have enough energy to wave your hands toward the field and project your strength to help the Panthers beat Atlanta (lost a few of you right there, didn’t I?).
5. That unchurched, lost friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor might need a double dose to find Christ.
6. YOU might need to prepare your heart in the morning for what God’s going to do at night!

Hope to see you ALL there. And I think I will.
Know why? Because, YOU ROCK!