A Triumphal Weekend


Weekend reflections:

I confess, we haven’t always taken the week before Easter to talk about Palm Sunday and the Triumphal Entry. A lot of the time we’re either wrapping up a series or kicking off a new one on that day so Palm Sunday has been sort of forgotten—while Easter takes a front seat.

It’s understandable, Easter is ginormous and it takes a huge amount of effort to get ready for it. But what really happened on the day Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey?

  1. People cheered — check
  2. Waived palm branches — check
  3. Threw cloaks on the path for Jesus to ride over — check
  4. Shouted “Hosanna” in unison — check

So what?!

Growing up that had always bothered me. There was a lot of pomp and circumstance at the churches I attended on this special day, but they were usually long on celebration and short on explanation. So I just kept on wondering…

and wondering,

and wondering,

and wondering.

Well this year I wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case at Southbrook Church so I dove into the scriptures, read commentaries, listened to sermons and read books on the subject. But in the end, God’s simple truth about this climatic day of extreme importance in the life of Christ came to me from quiet reflection in His Word.

The Bible will never cease to amaze me! It is more than a book, it is the very Words of God. It’s alive yet unchanging. I learned a lot in preparation for this weekend’s message and I’m now going into Easter weekend more excited than ever—and with a greater sense of expectation that God will move in a mighty way than I’ve ever had.

Remember your homework, Brookies!

Invite! Invite! Invite!