A Quick Solution for Troubled Families


If I could share just a couple truths with hurting families today I would (and will) say the following:

  1. Allow some space. In other words, don’t keep pushing and poking and piercing one another when things have gotten so volatile that God is no longer getting the glory. Create some space and allow for things to come back to God’s best.
  2. Be quiet. Admittedly, this has been a hard one for me to learn. Whenever I am attacked I like to fire off an email or letter or phone call immediately. And I might as well add, “without thinking.” Because, anything done “immediately” is something done without taking time to think. The things you share may be truth, but, as I taught this weekend from the life of Joseph (Genesis 37 – 50) Joseph had dreams that were directly from God, but that didn’t mean that God intended for him to share those dreams (where Joseph’s brothers bow before him) with his brothers of all people! Joseph could have avoided a lot of headache if he would have just observed some simple and godly boundaries in his life.

We can too!

Just some quick thoughts from the weekend.