A packed weekend @ the Brook


Well, every weekend there are seven services. I’d call that pretty packed. But few are aware of the many other things going on at Southbrook Church.

Every Sunday evening there are at least 30 life groups going on all over the geographical area. It’s our biggest day for life group gatherings of all shapes and sizes. Check one out while they are all on the same, “One Month to Live” page.

It’s also an afternoon where small groups sometimes head down to the Charlotte Rescue Mission to feed the homeless. In fact there are always service opportunities going on at Southbrook.

This Sunday is special because we are running all of our classes as well. That means if you want to join Southbrook Church than it’s time to check out 101 (Stepping in the Brook) where you can learn all about the unique vision and calling of Southbrook and how you can be a vital part of what God is doing here. The other classes are running as well from 201 – 401 so we should have a packed house.

One more thing…

Every Sunday evening we have Signal 2 Noise for the high schoolers—I will go out on a limb here and say that I believe it is the single best high school ministry in the state of North Carolina!

And beyond for that matter.

Why? Well, before I answer that, let me tell you what we set out to make sure it wouldn’t be. We wanted to make sure that it was more than just a cool place to gather for the latest rage.

You see, with young people, what’s cool today can be lame tomorrow. If you don’t believe me parents, just ask them about what you’re wearing right now.

‘nough said!

So we knew that just having the latest off the hook youth gathering wouldn’t make a lasting transformation in these kid’s lives. We need all that (and I dare say we are all that!), but it can’t be all there is. It’s sort of like the old Wendy’s commercial with that little old lady yelling, “Where’s the Beef?!” And with kids, the beef is found in getting their hands dirty and serving. So, why do I believe we are seeing so much transformation among the young people at Southbrook Church?

Is it the jammin music? That’s great, but other places have that.

Is it the Sets? Drama? Fellowship? Food?


Again, that stuff is great, but not unique to Southbrook.

I’ll just go ahead and tell you. It’s the outreach.


The outreach. This is the most mission minded group of young people I have EVER seen! In other words, they are walking the talk. Each and every year they head off in groups of between 15 and 50 to places like Germany, Mexico, Honduras, New York (inner city), Tampa (inner City), Peru and more. And right here locally they serve regularly with the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Habitat for Humanity, Monroe Outreach, Charlotte Rescue Mission and much more. They are flat out unstoppable for Jesus.

Earlier this week I posted a blog about their Sunday night re-cap of their New York mission trip.

It was off the hook!

You want to get on fire for God? Spend a little time around our youth and you will ignite. Even if you’re life is all soggy and empty, you’ll still transform into a fireball for Jesus around this group.

Just thought I’d help.