A New Year — Who’s In?


I’m so excited about this year! After an amazing 06′ it’s hard to imagine how God will top it but He always does.

This year SCC grew by over 800 people in weekely attendance and had our first week over 3,000! We saw hundreds come to Christ and many more recommit their lives to Him (330 of them in one weekend) as many of you stood with me agreeing to be God’s mighty men, women and youth for His mission at Southbrook.

As we begin 07′ and VISION MONTH, I so much want to know who would still like to stand up and be counted. We need you all more than ever to help disciple the new believers and continue to bring along others.

Who still desires to be an MP for Christ? Would you let me know over the next couple of weeks by responding to this blog in the comment zone? If it’s a yes, simply post your name and add, “count me in.”

Every team has a roster.

Every army has the enlisted

Every country has it’s citizens and those citizens are protected and defended by the army of (you guessed it) ENLISTED men and women.

Every ship has a crew

and David had his mighty men.

We need you, team. God chooses to accomplish His will through people. Will you be ready when He calls?

I eagerly await your reply!