A Great Day!



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! — to all the staff and volunteers who made todays opening at Southbrook Monroe an out of the park homerun! We truly have the greatest volunteers on earth!

Wish I could have been there…live—but technology (advanced as it is) can’t quite deliver just yet! Today was the grand opening of Southbrook Monroe! Thanks to everyone on the launch team who have been tirelessly working since the days we met as a small group at the Weddington campus till now! I’d say it was well worth the wait and we’ll soon be turning the city of Monroe upside down (or right-side up—depending on how you look at it!) for Jesus!

But I’m so glad that 309 others found a way to make the day so special! The video of our 9:00 service was delivered in no time flat to the crew at Southbrook Monroe and, for the first time ever the entire Southbrook family was (as they say on SNL) almost live! For these first months—as we prepared for this day, Southbrook Monroe was always a week behind.

No longer!!

  • No more talking in code about the message!
  • No more hiding the video under lock and key for 7 days!
  • No more stalling the podcast!
  • No more waiting for things like a Southbrook Vodcast (coming soon).

and a whole host of other exciting things that I better stay hush – hush about for now. But you all will be the first to know when the time comes. I promise!

For now, enjoy some great shots of the day on me!












Preaching on Monroe screen










More Pictures…























































Southbrook kids












Outside moon bounce