A Fatal Dissconnect – Part 2


SchizophrenicBgSo what does the see-saw generational thing have to do with us today?

Oh, I’m sorry. This makes no sense to you if you didn’t read yesterday’s post. Why don’t you trot on over there and I will wait.

You can find it below this post, or you can just click here.

See where I’m at now?


But ‘so what?’ So there was apparently a bit of Old Testament schizophrenia way back when. Surely we’ve progressed beyond those Neanderthals, right?

Well, even if I believed in Neanderthals, I wouldn’t agree with that statement. If anything, we’re worse!

Today we have far less of a chance of breaking generational sin because we don’t see it as sin. We see ourselves as ‘victims.’

You’ve heard the routine, right?

People who are angry or violent just need to say they were raised that way.

Sexual predators?

Dad left his playboy magazines where any red–blooded young kid would have found them. Not your fault.


Born that way.

Wife beater?

Saw dad do it.


It’s a disease.

Can’t focus?


REALLY can’t focus?



No one today is responsible for anything. I mean society is really messed up and there is a lot of bad stuff going on but apparently it’s all perpetuated by aliens because surely no one on earth is responsible.

Who wants to be first to tell the Emperor he’s naked?

Not me. I’m afraid of confrontation.

I blame my mom.

But not to her face.

* Note, some of you want to blame me for this post don’t you? Whenever light is shown on some things we prefer to keep in the dark it’s the one holding the flashlight that takes the mortar fire. But why not give my words some serious consideration instead?

Saddest thing? There are real people with legitimate struggles in all the areas I mentioned and more. People who need help, counseling, medication but what we all need most is Jesus.

And in order to get a relationship with Him started we all need to receive His forgiveness.

That’s tough to get if you’ve never done anything wrong.

Just a thought.