A Death a Week


Empty churchRecently I had the opportunity to attend a blow out worship experience just for young people. Of course I’m a little biased as to why the worship was so good. It was one of our bands form Southbrook. They have been doing most of the music at this event for the last several weeks.

The church was gorgeous.

Is that weird to say?

Tough, I mean it.

The event is being held at a very old, very traditional church and it reeks (in a good way) of mystic, ancient beauty. The contrast of our very non traditional band against the backdrop of <— (not that one) this church created a future-ancient feel that’s hard to describe. I seriously found myself dreaming about what it would be like to do church the way we do in a setting like that…all the time.

I believe it would be awesome!

Then it struck me. I guess the folks at this church must have thought a bit about that themselves, or they wouldn’t be teaming up like this. I began to get excited about the possibilities, until…

I inquired a little deeper.

I asked about the church demographics.

They average about ‘a death a week’ I was told.


‘Yep, more or less.’

How many show up each week to this place that can almost seat a thousand?

‘about 100 -120…’

This really got me thinking. I feel a series coming on.

Consider this “Part One.”

P.S. Pardon the downtime on my “blogroll.” I use blogrolling.com and they have been down lately a lot more than they have been up. They “assure” all of us users that the problem will be resolved shortly.