A ‘convenient’ inconvenient truth


Funny, add one step to this now infamous ‘Al Gore’ headliner and you have to really think about it before it makes sense. That being said, let me explain. I’m applying this to “Christians” who love the ‘get outta Hell free card’ they acquire when they trust in Christ for their salvation, but hate the, ‘in view of God’s mercy, offer yourselves as living sacrifices…’ part we read about in Romans 12:1. That’s probably because we value,

  • comfort over pain
  • instant gratification over waiting
  • going first over going last
  • being served over serving others
  • rich over poor
  • popularity over obscurity
  • front and center over backstage
  • beauty over ugly
  • strength over weakness

Actually, I could go on and on with this list, but in the interest of time and ADD blog readers, let me cut to the chase. Most of us value ourselves over ANYTHING and ANYONE else…period. But God can’t work with that value system. In fact, when that value system grows too pervasive, God’s Holy Spirit is quenched, and His work grinds to a halt.

Today I read a blog on my friend, Perry Noble’s site that says it best. Read on if you want to be challenged:


Pursuing Christ Or Comfort?

What is the one thing you know God wants you to do–but you constantly refuse because, in order to be obedient you would have to be willing to get uncomfortable?

Go back and read that question again…and again…and again.

There is a dangerous mindset among some Christians today, you know, the one that says that God just wants me to be happy and to live a very comfortable life (uh…how exactly does THE CROSS fit into that?) When, in reading Scripture, God is very clear that we exist for HIS glory–not vice versa. AND in trying to live a life that honors Him there will be times we are asked to get incredibly uncomfortable.

This has became very real to me lately as I am in Hosea on my journey through Scripture. Hosea was a prophet, apparently had a pretty good ministry going on, was single and, from the outside looking in, seemed to have it all together. THEN God showed up…and things got uncomfortable.

Take a look at Hosea 1:2-3. Seriously–read those verses and think about what God was asking Hosea to do! Think about it…Hosea is sitting in his study and the Lord begins to deal with him…

“Hosea, I think it is time that you get married!”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Hosea replied…remember, he was a single dude! “I was wondering when You would give me some help here…and I’ve had my eye on this girl…”

“Hosea, uh, she’s not the one for you!”

“Really? Well…uh…I guess that means you have something else in mind–who is it that you want me to marry?”

“A prostitute.”

“A WHAT!!! God, seriously, come on…stop playing around.”

“I’m not playing around Hosea. You are going to marry a prostitute.”

“Well at least tell me what her name is.”


“GOMER!!! God, seriously, it’s bad enough that I’m going to marry a prostitute–but GOMER? Have I sinned? What have I done to make You mad? The bloggers are going to go nuts on this one!”

“Who cares what they think–I want to use you for my glory…and while I know this isn’t a decision that you would have came to on your own I want you to know that your willingness to be obedient and uncomfortable will result in thousands of lives being impacted for me. In fact, there’s this guy named Perry who, thousands of years from now, will blog about this conversation…”

OK, so, I just threw in that last part–but I think you get the point. God asked Hosea to do something that was unthinkable, to put his reputation on the line…and through this a message was communicated that still rocks me at my core–all because Hosea was obedient.

I am wrestling with this…what is the Lord asking me to do that is incredibly uncomfortable–but will ultimately result in HIS glory? In the past some of these decisions have been…

  • Ending a dating relationship because I knew it wasn’t what God wanted. This was HARD because I was so insecure–but had I not been obedient I would not have married ‘Cretia…and then there would be no Charisse!!! (Anyone need to break up?)
  • Surrendering my money to God. This was seriously one of the TOUGHEST decisions I have ever made. I received Christ in 1990…but I didn’t surrender my money until 1999. I wrestled with this because I was selfish and wanted things for myself rather than truly worshiping Him with ALL that I had. (Anyone need to begin tithing?)
  • Going into the ministry. I didn’t want to do this. I say it all the time–I hated church and now He wanted me to work in one for the rest of my life. BUT…I could not get the thought of ministry out of my mind and knew it was what He wanted me to do. (Anyone need to change careers?)

I could go on and on…the point is for each one of us to wrestle this to the ground…What is the one thing you know God wants you to do–but you constantly refuse because, in order to be obedient you would have to be willing to get uncomfortable?

Pretty prophetic in view of our ‘divine moment’ we’re facing as a church right now.

Why don’t you pray about what you’ve just read and then ask God what He would have you do regarding our need to “IGNITE” as a church?

I dare you!