A close encounter of the best kind



Every time we draw closer to an “encounter” at SCC people start asking what it is. Doesn’t the name say it all?

If you go to the Southbrook encounter you’re going to meet someone. However, it’s more than that. I mean, some of you have already met this person, so (knowing that) you might think (wrongly) that you don’t need this. You might believe that this will make the entire experience for you, somehow, ‘anticlimactic.’ You’d be wrong on that count too.

Though I am sworn to secrecy, I can tell you this. Whether you are struggling spiritually, emotionally, even physically, this 28 hours or so could be one GIANT step toward healing and fulfillment for you. But here’s the cool part…Even if you are on cloud nine in all those areas, this could put you on cloud 10 (I know, I know, but cloud nine isn’t really a place either!)! Listen to what some folks have said about their experiences at the Southbrook Encounter;

– On my encounter, I met some wonderful people.  Each hour was more life changing then the next.  God truly spoke to me, and washed me clean.  I was able to lay my sin, guilt, and hurt down.  It allowed me pick up my cross to start new. This is truly something not to be missed.  Amazing people got me to this encounter, and I am forever grateful. -Christine Malone



– “I went into the Encounter resentful, bitter, ashamed.  I went home from the Encounter forgiven, unashamed and for the first time in my life “free.”  Michelle Streeter 


– I went with the idea that I was simply checking off another “Southbrook Box”…101…check, 201…check, Encounter…check.  J  God had other things in mind…24 hours with Him, no distractions, just a simple focus on Him.  I realized that even though I am a Christ-follower, He is not finished with me…and He wants more for me than I can EVER want for myself!!!”  Brady Teague


– The Encounter was incredible.  I am a super busy on the go type of person and Encounter gave me a moment to stop and make time to hear God.  It was a weekend I will never forget.  You may find every excuse in the world not to go; but don’t let yourself miss out on an opportunity of lifetime because of trivial excuses. – Lauren  Navarro


 – For me the encounter was and still is a life changing experience . Come with your heart and mind opening because it will change you. I’m so grateful to some wonderful people that invited me to the encounter. Be yourself and bring your sin, guilt, and give it all to GOD. This truly is a encounter with GOD you don’t want to miss.- Patric Malone (Sumo)

What can I add to that? If you haven’t been, why not make it to this one, http://www.southbrookchurch.com/Documents.aspx on April 27th and 28th. It may end up being the best 28 hours of your life!